Nursery is closed today

Unfortunately we will be closed today as we have no hot water. South Tyneside Council have been on site this morning and have ordered the replacement part for the boiler. We will update you this afternoon once we know when the boiler can be repaired.

Sorry for the inconvenience



School Places

The Department for Education has revealed that Reception places will be offered on April 16th 2020 as planned. South Tyneside Council have confirmed that they are ready to meet this date.






Closure Information

Hi all,


If you are not on our Facebook page here is an overview of the information posted to parents/carers:

Nursery is currently closed to the majority of our children due to the Coronavirus. Children whose parents are key workers can attend nursery on the days their parents are working. This is not nursery education, it is childcare.

Children who have an EHCP may be able to attend nursery; this will be reviewed on a case by case basis as the advice states that children are safest at home.

If you need to book your child in to attend nursery, please email



Amy Hindes

Administration Officer

Our website is getting a makeover!

Our website is undergoing a makeover!


Until this is completed, no posts will be made on our website as they will be lost when everything is transferred over.


Please speak to the office if you require paper copies of any information posted on our Facebook page.


As always, your child will receive a letter for any upcoming trips/ stay and plays etc